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We are passionate about life and living, our training will inspire you to feel good about yourself. It is our goal to have a place that you always feel welcome and enjoy the energy of training with people with passion .

Everybody has something to bring to the table, from life experiences to training tips and this is a vital part of our philosophy.

Our training is instructor led groups where we focus on each persons individual ability and goals. within a class format.

Movement in all it's shape and forms, including coordination, balance, rhythm and strength. 
We also cater for PT classes and for larger groups and companies


Our gym is your gym . . .


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Strength & Conditioning

The Strength and conditioning class is a high tempo class which is guaranteed to make you sweat. The class is always varied and often consists of a circuit involving both bodyweight and equipment. The class is always adjustable to every level so it can be as hard as you need.

Lunch and evening classes daily, check our schedule!


Soma Move

SOMA MOVE® is movement and knowledge united - a philosophy, a teaching and a movement form. It is a philosophy because we always ask ourselves, "Why ?".

It’s a teaching because we teach the answers we get, and it is a movement form because we practice what we preach. SOMA MOVE® is a holistic way to exercise that is athletically and at the same time soft.


Group Training & Events

We design bespoke training to match your group's needs. Perfect for company kick-offs, team building or ongoing group trainings. 

Contact us for a quotation.


Personal Training

When you want to put yourself in the centre of focus, our personal training option is for you. Prices start at 750kr and vary depending on the amount of classes booked.

We also have the option of having PT classes for two people, this is a great way to train hard with a friend or partner.

Membership Plans

Access to all class types

350 kr (for new members only)

(Payment made via our external booking system)

Try Bonobo

Visit 3 times within 14 days

Bonobo Silver

Train up to 9 times per month

Access to all class types

800 kr per month /

2200 kr for 3 months

(Payment made via our external booking system)

Bonobo Gold

Train an UNLIMITED number of times per month

Access to all class types

1 200 kr per month / 

3 200 kr for 3 months

(Payment made via our external booking system)

Bonobo Pass

Train when you want

Access to all class types

250 kr per session

2 200 kr for 10 sessions

3 000 kr for 15 sessions

(Payment made via our external booking system)


Personal Training

For all levels

750 kr per session

7 000 kr for 10 sessions

13 500 kr for 20 sessions

(Payment made via our external booking system)


Tailored to your needs

For all levels

1 200 kr per session

(Payment made via our external booking system)


Perfect for couples or to train with a friend



Soma Move:

  • Weekend class: 09:00 - 10:00 (Saturday)

Strength & Conditioning:

  • Lunchtime classes: 12:00 - 13:00 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

  • Evening Classes: 17:30 - 18:30 (Monday to Thursday)

  • Weekend class: 10:00 - 11:00 (Saturday)

Most weekday classes are held outdoor beside the running track of Nacka IP. For location of weekend classes please contact us.


(Schedule is shown via our external booking system)


Mark Oogan



Järla sjö

131 60 Nacka

Tel: 0046 736 426292

Swish: 1233399169

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