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SOMA MOVE® is movement and knowledge united - a philosophy, a teaching and a movement form. It is a philosophy because we always ask ourselves, "Why ?".

It’s a teaching because we teach the answers we get, and it is a movement form because we practice what we preach. SOMA MOVE® is a holistic way to exercise that is athletically and at the same time soft.

You work with your body as resistance and with the ground as your tool. The entire session is an uninterrupted flow of movement patterns in which the focus is to work with the body as a unit in harmony with the breathing.

SOMA MOVE® is something that has emerged through a quest to understand the body's functional design and how the design will be used in movement. We have experimented with our own bodies and others to explore how the theory takes shape in practice.

Our efforts have given us a clear and effective results as well as the evidence and arguments that constantly move us forward on our quest. SOMA MOVE® is scientifically grounded in all aspects and is no shortcut or simplification.


"Sometimes it happens most when you do least ..."

SOMA MIND® gives you the opportunity to reach a new level of functional stillness. Practicing SOMA MIND® can help you, in a concentrated manner, reach centering through breathing and to clearly be in your body's connective tissue.

Practicing SOMA MIND® will give you a calm and focused mind. The feeling is still and calm. In class you are sitting and lying on the floor in the selected positions, you undergo a BodyScan and the session ends with a very nice and prestigeless meditation.

SOMA MIND® will give you time to focus only on yourself in a whole new way. The result is an instant good feeling in the body and especially mentally and emotionally. You get an experience of recovery, both physically and mentally.

Suitable for those who want a balance between activity and rest, performance and recovery, doing and being. Perfect agitated with SomaMove®.

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